Against the Shadows

The adventure begins

Bar Fight!

Our heroes muster up in a small tavern on the outskirts of town. The only other patern at this late hour is a weather beaten traveller huddled in the shadows. Suddenly, armed men and hobgoblins rush into the tavern, torches in hand, and begin questioning the weary traveller.

The traveler is suddened stripped of his holy symbol of Avandra and his life threatened. Our heroes jump into action and the bandits turn to face them. The hobgoblins hurl their torches and set the bar ablaze.

Scrambling to save the acolyte of Avandra and avoid the rapidly spreading fire, our heroes fight it out and defeat the bandits. They quickly flee fromt he wreckage.

From Gevarn they learn he was sent from Winterhaven looking for Douven Stahl. Douven had gone missing nearly a month before. On his way south, Gevarn was assualted by the bandits and ran for his life. They tracked him back. He was sent by Sister Linora, priestess of Avandra in Winterhaven. Linora fears a deathcult is operating in the area, commanding the bandits and monsters who have taken over the trading routes to Winterhaven.

As the heroes questions Gevarn, the innkeeper returns, with the city guards on his heels. He points out the heroes as the arsonists, responisble for the blaze going on in his bar. With the sounds of the approaching bucket brigade and city guard at their heels, the heroes take off into the woods.

As the heroes turn to flee, they hear a call. The town’s blacksmith Quinn Stasi. Quinn says that he saw that they were innocent and says he can help as he leads them off into the night.



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