Against the Shadows

Into the Shadowhaunt


The blacksmith of the town of Fallcrest has saved our heroes. He led them throw the woods allowed them to evade capture from the town guard. In his small farmhouse on the edge of the city, he tells his sad story.

Quinn’s two young boys Darras and Byron went missing and Quinn believes they were kidnapped. Quinn could not convince the town guard to help him. Quinn took all the money he had bought a divining ritual from the local temple. There he learned that his children were being held capture by an elf, Helvic, a local ruined mausoleum, The Shadowhaunt. Quinn also learned that they were going to be killed on the night of the next full moon.

Quinn begs our heroes for help. He agrees to give them what little gold he has and plead their case to the town guard and clear their names.

The Shadowhaunt is a mausoleum in the forest a few miles outside of town. The final resting place of a dynasty of long forgotten kings, the Shadowhaunt has fallen into disrepair and neglect. Most know of it as little more than a ghost story. A dare for young children to spend the night.

Our heroes venture to the mausoleum and enter. Inside a ghostly shadow gives them a riddle. Our hero solves the riddle by re-arranging the statues to Bahamut and Pelor and discover a way down into the catacombs.

In the catacombs they are ambushed by hobgoblin archers. They are able to defeat the archers and honor the desecrated tombs of long dead kings. Our heroes enter an underground cavern and discover the missing children.

The boys are held within a magical circle. From the down a tunnel they hear dark chanting. Our heroes attempt to drawn Helvic and his skeleton minions out into the main cavern, attacking them at a nature choke point in the cave. However, their plan falls as they are attacked by animated statues from behind.

Despite the number of opponents, Helvic and his minions fall. The children are rescued.

Amoungst Helvics belongs, our heroes find his dark ritual book, which they destroy. They also find a magical sword and a letter. The letter is from Kalarael, priest of Orcus. He commands Helvic to perform the ritual contained in the book, sacrifce the boys and bring the offering to the dragon Frostweave. The letter also contains a map to the dragon’s lair up in the mountains.



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