Against the Shadows

Against the White Dragon

Having returned the boys to a grateful Quinn Stasi, the outlook sours for our band of heroes. Quinn reveals that he was unable to convince the town guard of their innocence. The captain of the guard seemed hell bent to capture our band of heroes and blame the fire on them. With that news, our heroes decide to make haste and start out for Winterhaven at once.

As they start to leave, the town guard are upon them. They give chase and the party flees. Ours heroes successfully escape the town guard and begin travelling north. As they walk, they decide to head into the mountains and attack the dragon Frostweave.

They then come upon a ruined tower and see a band of hobgoblins talking by fire light. Our heroes learn that the captain of the guard is in league with these foul creatures. Also, the town guard and the hobgoblins are now searching the woods for our heroes.

Deciding it might be best to disengage and sneak off, our heroes sneak back into the woods and head off up into the mountains.

Venturing into the harsh cold snow tipped mountains, our heroes journey up to the peak. There they find Frostweave’s lair, an old ruined tower. As they sneak around to the inside, the dragon pounces and unleashes a blast of freezing cold. The heroes find their range and are able to slam the dragon into the slopes and batter it down, killing the dragon and taking it’s treasure.

With the dragon’s head in tow, our heroes headed to Winterhaven, to collect their reward and continue with the search for Douven Staul.

Outside the city, our heroes are ambushed by Kobolds. Our heroes dispatch the monsters and rescue an elf maiden who was tied up by the foul beasts.



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